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Will Rawlins

The Whitest girls in the Army
I woke up like this

Hello Ninja and Trouble,
Before I left Reno, I had the opportunity to take some amazing photos of a good friend of mine. We took a journey down to our college campus at night, finding hidden nooks and crannies to create art. As we walked around, I found a spot against a wall with a single light illuminating the area. It was perfect to showcase her amazing figure, and we were able to capture the moment with ease and accuracy. 
Something that I love about photography so much is the connections that it helps us make. This woman is a gem, someone who shares my love of art and the creative and freedom of sexuality. (I might have a crush, but don’t tell her!) She vows to eventually join our amazing community here on Tumblr, and I can’t wait for you to meet her. 

Really sweet shot Austin, I admire both you and your models bravery in the adventure. I’d love to do a night shoot like this some in the alleys and parks near my house. I think you described this submission better than I ever could and thanks for sharing it with us.